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Introducing The Lightning Pro-22 collection, an artistic inspiration designed by Frank Burghout. When designing the TLP22, Frank wanted to showcase Barcelona of the 90’s with colorful vibes and powerful skateboarding. ‘We are born in Barcelona’ is the connection between Barcelona’s heritage and what RIPESB stands for.
Therefore THIS IS HARD TO BREAK. Meaning in all the ways you can imagine; quality, dreams, persistence and many more. Look through the eye of the skateboarder and imagine all of the possibilities. That is what we will do. Together with you. RIPESB is glad to presents this collection to all of you. This collection is definitely extra special to all of us and for that we encourage you to join us and ride with us.

The Lightning Pro

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  • MADE IN GERMANY 100% CANADIAN MAPLE - Our Ripe decks for skateboard distribution are made from 7 layers of individually pressed Canadian maple. The wood for this comes from gentle and sustainable forestry around the Great Lakes in Canada and the USA. Both the special adhesive and the paintwork are particularly durable and at the same time environmentally responsible. Enjoy our first collection and get yours!

  • If you are wondering if we ship to your country or in how many days you will recieve your shipment. Please see all our shipment details in our FAQs.