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Origin story

In the vibrant streets of Barcelona, amidst the echo of wheels against pavement and the laughter of skateboarders, a seed was planted—a vision that would blossom into the dynamic world of RIPESB.

It all began in 2018, when Leonardo Becerra, fueled by a passion for skateboarding and a desire to carve his own path,

founded RIPESB. With a spark of innovation and a heart full of determination, Leonardo set out to redefine the skateboarding experience, not just as a sport, but as a lifestyle.

Joining him on this exhilarating journey was Albert Garcia, a kindred spirit drawn to the allure of the skateboard culture. Together, they embarked on a mission to introduce something fresh and exciting to the skateboarding community.


As co-founders, Leonardo and Albert breathed life into RIPESB, infusing it with their shared vision and unwavering dedication. But as the wheels of time turned, Albert made the bittersweet decision to step back from the brand in 2022, choosing to focus on his personal projects while still embracing his love for skateboarding.

Yet, the spirit of RIPE continued to soar, driven by the passion and creativity of its founders. As RIPE began gaining traction and acceptance within the community, a small team was assambled, led by Mario Cano, a very creative skateboarder with a large experience filming for the skateboarding industry.


At the heart of the brand lay a simple yet profound philosophy: "We Believe" This mantra guided every decision, every interaction, and every product, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the RIPE community.



illustration by 'Jose' of the first logo before its evolution.

Our Creed

In the ever-evolving tapestry of human existence, there exists a beacon of light—a movement fueled by belief, inspiration, and empowerment. This is the essence of RIPE, a brand that dares to dream, challenges the status quo, and empowers the new generation to reach for the stars.

At the core of RIPE lies a simple yet profound truth: We believe. We believe in the boundless potential of every individual, in the power of community, and in the transformative impact of skateboarding. With each kickflip and ollie, RIPE embodies the spirit of possibility, inviting others to join in the journey of self-discovery and exploration.

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