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This is a collaboration with one of the Ripe riders. An artwork made by hand from JS Golay in combination with text that reflects with, who we are and who you can be. Joseph Golay is a young artist with a great talent and a very good performance in skateboarding. He became a team rider since the foundation of Ripe in 2018.

This is a big step we have made, together, as a family.

For us, it means a lot the fact of having our second release of decks, made by hand, by one of the team riders. This is a dream becoming a true story!

We also wanted to showcase, with this collection, that a skater can also be an artist or someone who likes science, but most importantly, someone who has goals and wants to work hard, with discipline, to become a highly qualified athlete.


We want to break the rules, especially those ones that are followed by sort of stereotypes, that have been underestimating the Skateboarding as a professional extreme sport. 

Deck Rule Breaker JS Golay

Sales Tax Included
  • MADE IN GERMANY 100% CANADIAN MAPLE - Our Ripe decks for skateboard distribution are made from 7 layers of individually pressed Canadian maple. The wood for this comes from gentle and sustainable forestry around the Great Lakes in Canada and the USA. Both the special adhesive and the paintwork are particularly durable and at the same time environmentally responsible. Enjoy our first collection and get yours!

  • If you are wondering if we ship to your country or in how many days you will recieve your shipment. Please see all our shipment details in our FAQs.